Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blog Addict

I am beginning to wonder if I need an intervention: Item one: I was so absorbed in reading some beautiful blog poetry that I attempted to open an already open soda. Result: I'm wearing clean clothes and the laundry is in the washer. Item Two: I woke three hours ago, came straight here to read my mail -- and am still here. Item Three: My telephone, the remotes, the current novel I'm reading and the refrigerator are all within reach of the keyboard. Item Four: Fluffy (my adult cat) and Christmas (the kitten) have both been begging for my attention since I woke. Despite cuddles, loving and lavish praise they would not leave my lap. Finally, as I trekked to the bathroom (can't figure out how to get that closer to the comp), Fluffy tripped me in a race to his food dish -- empty food dish -- polished clean and shiny it is so empty -- food dish. Now the food dishes (full) are also here by the comp. Item Five: I've been wondering, if I replaced my desk chair with a recliner, could I sleep here? Never mind! I now have proof that I don't need an intervention. In the midst of typing this blog I actually stopped to mop my kitchen floor. If housework takes precidence over blogging all is well. (Could someone please remind me that when I hook up the portable washing machine I need to put the drainage hose in the sink, and not leave it hanging from the back of the machine?)


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